Rare ‘barn find’ Ferrari sells for $2mill

Rare 'barn find' Ferrari sells for $2mill

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An extremely rare “one-off” Ferrari has sold for $2.17 million at a recent Ferrari auction. The Ferrari model was the class Daytona model from the early 1970s and while Ferrari made 1,200 units of the Daytona, this particular one was a rare full aluminum body shape that many thought didn’t exist anymore. After it’s initial release in 1969, the Ferrari Daytona was once known as the world’s fastest, after topping speeds of over 174mph. Ferrari enthusiasts and collectors were not even fully aware that the one and only aluminum bodied Daytona actually existed. However, 40 years after it’s release, the classic rare Daytona was found in a Japanese barn with only 22,000 miles on the meter.


January 11, 2018