World’s rudest cities for tourists

World's rudest cities for tourists

9. London, England

Cities all around the world invest billions each year into their very own tourism industry to attract interest from tourists all over the globe. Cities such as London, New York, Paris and so on entertain tens of millions of tourists per year which contributes greatly to their economy, however, the experience for those tourists is not often as enjoyable as you might think. One of the biggest reasons why tourists may choose not to go somewhere is simply due to the friendliness of the locals, or how rude they are. For example, Paris is known as a beautiful city with unbelievable attractions, however, the locals are notable for being rude and impolite. With this information in mind, we take a look at 10 of the world’s rudest cities for tourists, despite having a number of attractions and reasons to visit.


May 13, 2019