World’s first amazing fully electric Chevrolet pickup

World's first amazing fully electric Chevrolet pickup

2. Stunning exterior design

One of it’s most unique features is the ‘Multi-Flex Tailgate’, with six different functions to assist loading and unloading. A Multi-Flex Midgate, allows long items to be laid across the loadbed and into the rear of the cab. The standard load bed, with the midgate and tailgate remaining shut, can fit items up to 1.8 metres long. A sizable boot can be found underneath the bonnet at the front of the car. Four-wheel steering and parking assist aim to help make the Silverado EV easier to handle in tight spaces and Chevrolet’s Super Cruise system allows for hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads across the US and Canada.


June 19, 2022