Top tips for keeping your teeth nice and healthy

Top tips for keeping your teeth nice and healthy

1. Use fluoridated toothpaste.

Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces your risk of decay.

Our teeth are some of the most important and underrated aspects of our body. A strong, good set of teeth can make you feel healthy and happy on a regular basis. Whether it’s from your smile, ability to consume food, or simply from a hygiene perspective, having strong, healthy teeth are crucial to our health. Oral hygiene is not only important from an aesthetic side, but things like bad breathe can also be a direct result of not looking after your teeth. This could affect your social life as well. However, the best part of all is that looking after our teeth can be achieved in just a few small steps. We’ve all heard the dentist tell us to brush regularly, floss after meals, and avoid high sugar food and drink. But in this article, we go a little deeper to look at not just the obvious, but some other tips you can take to ensure your teeth remain healthy. Here are some top tips to follow if you’re after some guidance on how to better look after your teeth. You might find that you’re already following a majority of them.


February 17, 2020