Team Melli stars that changed team

Team Melli stars that changed club this summer

1. Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Brighton F.C ($25million)

The World Cup is a great stage for talented footballers to showcase their abilities in front of the whole world. Players often use this as an opportunity to show bigger football clubs their talent and what they can do on the field. Many transfers happen simply from a player performing well at the World Cup and being recognised by other teams. Such was the case with many stars from Team Melli. For example, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, who was playing in Holland before the World Cup, had an excellent tournament and due to his performances, Brighton of the Premier league decided to sign him for a fee close to $30 million. Alireza is one of many Team Melli stars that used the World Cup as a perfect opportunity to transfer to a better team and help take that next step in their careers. We look at the most notable Team Melli player transfers following the World Cup.


September 23, 2018