‘Shah of Persia’ Maserati sports car

'Shah of Persia' Maserati sports car

1. Shah and his original 1959 Maserati

Italian car manufacturer Maserati have released a new version of their 1960 2-door coupé, the 5000 GT, which was also known as the Scia Di Persia, translated to The Shah of Persia. The first model was delivered to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the 1960s, who had been impressed by the Maserati, which led to it being called the Sciadipersia. The reborn new Maserati has kept it’s traditional name and reference to the Shah of Persia as a tribute. The appearance is more in line with modern day cars, however, they’ve opted to keep the heritage Navy blue paint. Production will be limited to only 10 vehicles as they look to make this a very exclusive collectors car. The car was unveiled at the world famous Geneva motorshow earlier in March.


March 25, 2018