Raffi’s Place is the finest food in town

Raffi's Place is the finest food in town

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Raffi’s Place is an authentic Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine with a stunning indoor and outdoor seating area. Located in Glendale, Greater Los Angeles, Raffi’s Place is said to serve arguably the best koobideh in town. While that may be a fairly big statement, customers and certainly many food critics seem to agree with this argument. Started in December of 1993, Rafik Bakijanian opened Raffi’s Place along with his wife Gohar, and their passion was to combine their love of authentic home cooking with the Middle Eastern restaurant dining experience. These days, the restaurant is said to go through 5,000 pounds of ground beef and 2,000 pounds of onions in just one week. Two crucial ingredients for the world famous Persian dish of koobideh. Many famous newspaper journals and food critics have also been to Raffi’s Place and left with raving reviews, such as the LA Times and more. One thing’s for sure, if you’re in Town and a fan of Persian and Middle Eastern food, you’re almost certain to get what you’re looking for at Raffi’s Place. Here’s a collection of images that show the beautiful restaurant and it’s courtyard, along with Rafik and his family.


July 17, 2019