On board President Putin’s lavish jet

On board President Putin's lavish jet

1. On board President Putin’s luxurious aircraft

As you might expect, Russian President Vladimir Putin travels in real style when in the air. The world’s most powerful man owns a private luxury large jet that costs a cool $520 million. On board, Putin has a number of bedrooms and lounge areas as well as offices for important business and a private gym in case he fancies a workout at 30,000 feet. The aircraft looks humble and modest from the outside, however, on the inside it’s a completely different story. Every corner of the interior is filled with luxurious furniture and the finest materials. The aircraft has an advanced high tech security system on board as well, to ensure the President not only travels in style, but in safety as well. While it doesn’t compare too well against Donald Trump’s $1 billion ‘Air Force One’ aircraft, Putin’s is certainly one of the most luxurious and safest planes in the sky. Here is a collection of photos to show just how luxurious and lavish the aircraft is.


August 7, 2018