Iran’s national car, the IKCO Samand

Iran's national car, the IKCO samand

1. Front view of the Samand

Samand is often seen as the national car of Iran. It is a car brand manufactured by Iran Khodro and is a 4 door sedan based off a Peugeot 405. While parts of it are built in a number of different countries, ranging from Senegal to Venezuela to Iran, the well-built, reliable car is staple to the excellent Iranian car manufacturing industry. Samand is in fact such a well built car that Turkey is the second most selling point for Samands. Other countries that also have a high number of sales of Samand include Algeria and Egypt, Armenia and Bangladesh as well as Russia and Switzerland in Europe. Brand new it’ll cost around $9,000 US dollars and the car can produce speeds of up to 110mph. Here is a gallery of pictures of a brand new Samand, covering both exterior and interior shots of the car.


May 21, 2018