How one person ruined the Tour de France

How one person ruined the Tour de France

1. Woman holding sign got in the way of cyclists

A fan who caused a serious crash at last weekend’s Tour de France is missing, according to local authorities. The fan, who held up a poster while covering part of the track, while ultimately colliding with the riders, is now wanted by authorises in relation to the charges of potentially being sued. French publication Ouest-France reported the woman, who is believed to be German, got on a flight and is untraceable. The footage shows the woman, who held a wide banner on the side-lines of the Tour, stick the banner out just a little too far, causing German cyclist Tony Martin to ride straight into it. The cyclist then fell, setting off an extremely domino effect for competitors as over 50 cyclists behind him also fell. The sign was a hello message for the woman’s grandparents and she positioned herself perfectly to be captured by the live TV cameras

Video of the crash on the last page!


June 29, 2021