Healthier options at popular fast-food restaurants

Healthier options at popular fast-food restaurants

1. Chick-fil-A: Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap

Calories: 350

It’s a common conception to associate fast-food restaurants with unhealthy eating. Though, while for a majority of cases this is true, it’s worth noting that many of these restaurants also offer healthier alternatives because they are trying to target a healthier audience. Meals that are lower in fat and calories tend to also be the better choice, so when determining what the healthier option on a menu is, these factors are an indication of what to look for. Some of the most recognisable fast-food restaurants in the world, such as McDonalds, offer tasty and affordable low calorie meals if you’re opting for something healthier than a Quarter pounder with cheese. We take a look at some of the healthier menu items at some notable fast-food restaurants and try to limit the calorie count per meal to 500. This is not dietary advice, it’s just our list of alternative menu choices that will often contain less calories than the more unhealthy and popular choices.


May 17, 2019