Facts about Harry and Meghan’s wedding car

Facts about Harry and Meghan's wedding car

1. The Jaguar costs $500,000

During the Royal wedding, Prince Harry drove Meghan Markle in a ‘borrowed’ blue car to their wedding reception. While the car looked like a classic Jaguar E-type, eagle-eyed viewers would have noticed it was actually the $500,000 Jaguar E-type Concept Zero. This means it was Jaguar’s reborn and all-electric replacement for the classic model that came onto the market in the 1960s. Jaguar, being a very British car brand built the perfect car for Prince Harry to get married in, as the E-type was the perfect combination of British heritage, style and performance. The Concept Zero holds a similar stature, but boasts the all-electric price tag, which is crucial in today’s car market. Here are some of the best facts about this particular car that you may not know.


March 15, 2020