Biggest mistakes to avoid when washing your car

Biggest mistakes to avoid when washing your car

1. Using regular household sponge

Should use microfiber towel and specialist hand sponges

Washing a car appears like a straight forward process. It involves water, soap, a scrubbing device and possibly a towel to dry the car with, following the wash. But you may be surprised to know that if you don’t follow these steps when washing your car, you may actually be doing more damage to it by washing it in a bad way. For example, if you use the same contaminated sponge for the wheels as you do for the body, you could be scraping loose bits of material along your paintwork. Likewise, if you start from the bottom of the car then make your way to the top, you may be spreading the dirt from the bottom to the top. Drying the car may very well be the hardest and most crucial part as if you don’t dry it quick enough, water beads could set and stain the paint, likewise just by dragging a towel across the paint, you could leave swirl-marks that would be visible for years to come. Washing a car properly really is an tough task and we’ve identified some top tips to help you out with that along with some of the biggest mistakes to avoid. Follow these and you’ll never go back to the lazy habits when washing a car.


May 26, 2019