Best selling Mercedes 4×4 on the market in 2020

Best selling Mercedes 4x4 on the market

1. Mercedes GLA SUV – Price from: $33,950

Mercedes-Benz have quietly been dominating the 4×4 and SUV market for the past 30 years. Models such as the ML, GL and more exclusive G-Wagon have been selling extremely well for a very long time. The reason for that is quite simply. Not only do Mercedes produce stylish, comfortable, luxurious and high performance models, they also offer competitive and fairly affordable agreements, compared to their direct competitors, for example BMW and Audi. Once more, Mercedes will always put their customers first with good customer service, benefits for returning customers and an overall satisfying experience with the brand. So it begs the question, what are the best SUV or 4×4 models Mercedes are selling today, and how much for their best selling ranges? Here are the 8 best selling Mercedes 4x4s on the market today.


March 11, 2020