Best cars to hire depending on your vacation

Best cars to hire depending on your vacation

1. Ford Fiesta – Economy choice

Around $45 per day

If you’re thinking of organising a road trip in the US from one state to another, you’ve probably already looked at hiring the perfect car for the trip. Road trips in the US are a very popular experience for many travellers and tourists from all across the world. Mainly due to the journey, routes, experiences and things to do when travelling from state to state, road trips are a fun way to explore a majority of the US and it’s best bits. Hiring the perfect car for your vacation depends heavily on who you’re travelling with, where you’re planning on going and how long you’re planning on spending behind the wheel. For that reason, we’ve made a list of some of the best cars to rent in the US and along with their average daily rate. These cars include sports cars, to practical and efficient small cars, as well as large SUVs and even minivans. Here’s our list of the 10 best, along with the type of vacation they are best suited for.


June 10, 2019