Best cars to be chauffeured in

Best cars to be chauffeured in

1. Mercedes S-Class Sedan

Starts from: $95,000

Travelling in style and comfort is essential for many of us. That includes the cars we drive on a daily occurrence. For a small amount of people, such as the very rich, the comfort of travelling in a car is usually found in the rear seats, as oppose to the front. Many wealthy people prefer to be driven around in a stylish, comfortable and elegant car, rather than driving it themselves, having to deal with the hassle of traffic and finding somewhere to park. Many car manufacturers produce cars known as ‘executive limousine’, which are aimed at both people who wish to be able to drive their own car, or those who prefer to be chauffeured around in it. For example, the Mercedes S Class is a long wheel-based car that can either be used as someones personal daily car, or can be used as a personal limousine for someone wealthy to be driven chauffeured in. The best cars to be chauffeured in usually need the following factors: elegance, luxury, comfort, high-end entertainment system in the rear, plenty of space and of course, privacy. Prices of these vehicles range from $50,000, all the way up to $500,000.


November 18, 2018