2018 Cheapest stylish sedan cars

Stylish alternative affordable sedan cars

1. Chevrolet Malibu – Price: $21,600

A major factor that plays into our decision when choosing what brand and model car to purchase is the style, exterior appearance and badge behind the manufacturer. For example, a brand such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Porsche is going to attract the interest of people and present itself as a good looking, well built and high class vehicle that attracts the interest of buyers. We look at 7 stylish alternative affordable sedans that don’t involve an expensive branded badge. The list is arranged cheapest to most expensive. Some people appreciate the car without paying any attention to whether the brand is highly regarded or not. Paying particularly close attention to sedans and saloon cars, we uncover 7 of the most stylish, affordable and well equipped cars that can turn heads, as well as provide you with comfort, style and reliability that are on the market today. Prices are included with each list item.


November 6, 2017