World’s highest paid CEO’s of 2020

World's highest paid CEO's of 2020

10. Richard B. Handler – $44.7 million/year

Company: Jefferies Financial Group

We’ve all heard that the 9-5 job will only get you so far in life. If you really want make something happen, you need to be your own boss. Well for these CEOs (Chief executives), that’s not entirely true. Somehow, working a 9-5, or maybe more extended hours, has made these guys not only multi-millionaires, but mega-rich, and most have worked their way to the top. CEOs are more or less responsible for the overall operation of a business, small or large, and are usually elected by shareholders and the board of directors. Their job comes with extremely high rewards, with extremely high risk. So without further delay, let’s get straight to the money, and meet the highest paid CEOs of 2020. Number 10 on the list is Richard B. Handler, CEO of Jefferies Financial Group.


July 7, 2020