World’s highest cities

World's highest cities

8. Denver, Colorado US – Above sea level: 1,731 m (5,690 ft)

Where are the world’s highest cities and what exactly does it mean? Cities and how high they are is determined by how many meters they are above sea level. As an example, London is 35 meters above sea level, New York is 10 meters and Paris is 30. These heights are deemed normal to low for a sea level. We take a look at 8 major cities across the world with a sea level height of 1,700 meters (5,500 feet) and above, for comparison. Having a higher than average sea level can affect the quality of life within that city. High cities will often lack oxygen, pose health risks such as breathing difficulties, dizziness and more, however, natives will be more used to the conditions than travellers to the city. In order to make the list more varied, we’ve comprised it of major cities across all continents


February 18, 2018