What’s the most popular car in your US State

What's the most popular car in your US State

10. Toyota RAV4

States where this vehicle ranks #1: Alaska

Americans have a diverse set of preferences, especially when it comes to car models, however, some like to go with what is tried and tested. With more used than new car sales taking place per year, the US’ best-selling cars may not be the hottest new vehicles on the market – as a matter of fact, the average age of a car in the US is approximately 12 years. However, where the numbers get really interesting is how much they vary from US States to States. Many of the most popular cars have a reputation for reliability going back decades. Take the Honda Civic, for instance, which has been in production for over half a century. These proven models have stood the ultimate test of time and are still some of the most popular cars in the country. Broken down is the most popular cars in US States. The further down you go, the more popular the car across US States.


November 23, 2020