US States most likely to hand you a speeding ticket

US States most likely to hand you a speeding ticket

10. Utah

One speeding ticket issued per 20.22 drivers

Getting a speeding ticket is never a fun experience. They usually cost a lot to pay off, and if you accumulate a high number of tickets, you could even face more serious fines like prosecution or even losing your license. For that reason, speed signs and many GPS’ like try and aid drivers into learning more about where you’re likely to face a speed camera, and what the limits and regulations are. Rules and regulations between States vary, as do types of roads, speed limits and even the leniency of State police. For example, some States might have a lot more police presence when dealing with speeding, compared to other States. The types of roads can also play a factor in these listings. For example, more built up cities with lots of traffic does mean more cars on the road which increases the chances of catching speeders, however, traffic means you’ll probably be going slower anyway due to congestion. Calculating which States are most likely to hand you a speeding ticket has been done on a ticket per drivers basis. For example, the number one State to hand drivers a speeding ticket is one speeding ticket issued per 11.36 drivers. This is four times more than the national average of one speeding ticket per 45.19 people


August 25, 2019