Top 8 world’s weakest currencies

Top 8 world's weakest currencies

8. 1 Paraguayan Guarani equals 0.00018 US Dollar

Countries with a strong currency are more often than not associated with a strong economy, infrastructure and stable government and population. When a country has a weak currency, this is usually due to the opposite of the points raised about strong currencies. A lot of things can impact the strength of a currency and the country’s economy is usually the backbone to the strength of the currency. Less developed countries will often be the primary examples of a country with a weak currency. The modern way of analysing how strong or weak a countries currency is by comparing it to 1 U.S dollar. For example a strong currency, such as the British Pound is worth 1.35 US Dollar. Whereas a weak currency, such as a Vietnamese Dong is worth 0.000044 US Dollar. Here is a list of the world’s top 8 weakest currencies, in comparison to 1 US Dollar.


May 13, 2018