Top 8 biggest charitable donations

Top 8 biggest charitable donations

8. Gert Boyle (Sportswear founder) – Donation: $100 million

$100 million to Oregon Health & Science University

Charitable donations are always seen as a noble and courageous thing to do, regardless of the amount donated. Some richer individuals have taken this gesture to a new level though, making donations with the hundreds of millions. These donations go to charities that can positively contribute to social welfare, the less fortunate or any other generic good causes. Many people will give regular donations to causes and charities that they feel particularly attached to and these cases are no different. With that being said, it’s worth paying specific notice to be very fortunate and kind individuals listed here who have made the list of the 8 most charitable donations of all time. Some of the names on this list are extremely famous celebrities and philanthropists who have made the headlines for their highly generous donations.


August 1, 2018