Things to watch out for as a tourist in Iran

Things to watch out for as a tourist in Iran

1. Thieves on motorcycles

When travelling to a relatively unknown part of the world, such as the Middle-east, there are often plenty of travel advice given to tourists, in particular with things to expect and avoid. The case with Iran is no different and while many Western media outlets have a certain perception on the country, the truth is, many won’t know the real details until they experience it for themselves. When travelling to Iran, the main points to be aware of is how religion may dictate a majority of the laws and customs, but we take a look at more unofficial laws and rules that may not be as commonly advertised but just as important. These include items that may affect your day-to-day and things to do’s and don’ts, or even types of scenarios to try and avoid, or in fact things to be cautious of and how to make your overall experience as a tourist a pleasant one.

Traveling to a new, unknown country is all about interesting adventures. Still, let’s not forget that each country has its own laws and customs. To make your trip safe, you need to know in advance what you should be aware of. In Iran, it is quite comfortable and safe for tourists. The local people are very friendly. Yet there are some dangers which we will tell you about today:


October 22, 2018