Secrets that pilots don’t want you to know

Secrets that pilots don't want you to know

1. The plane will just enough fuel

Travelling by plane is one of the most common forms of transportation these days, especially for long distance travelling. The job of the flight crew is to ensure your safety throughout your flight and to do so, they will need to have an extensive knowledge of the plane and how it operates. In order to maintain a calm and steady atmosphere in flight, the less people know about the potential things that could go wrong, or circumstances that could arise, the better. However, that’s not to say some of these secrets that pilots don’t want you to know haven’t made their way into the public eye. For example, did you know that for a good, smooth landing, a pilot must be extremely skilled at their job? Or planes don’t carry a lot of extra gas/fuel to accommodate for a slightly longer than expected flight? These are the types of facts that if you’re a sensitive flyer, you may prefer not to know about. There are plenty of myths about flying, but these are the facts that you’d probably want to know and may change your perception on flying.


April 25, 2019