Popular European cars that aren’t for sale in the US

Popular European cars that aren't for sale in the US

1. Mercedes V-Class

You may have noticed when watching a movie or video from another continent, when you see a familiar car brand, but don’t recognise the model at all. Well the reason is fairly simple. There are hundreds of models of cars that are sold in places like Europe, that are simply not available to markets such as the US. The opposite is true as well. The reason being is quite complicated, but ultimately stems down to market, demand, and practicality. For example, some models make more sense in places such as America, but have no practical sense in European countries. For example, the Ford F150 is one of the best selling cars in the US, however, in Europe, the pickup truck market is extremely limited. Smaller cars tend to sell better in Europe, given city restrictions, size of roads, as well as the average size of a parking bay. As mentioned, the reason for some models being sold here and not there is complicated. However, we’ve found a list of 10 popular cars that sell extremely well in Europe, but have no existence in the US market, and are simply not on sale. You can always import and pay astronomical figures, but chances are, it’ll be a foolish thing to do, as these cars are quite standard, and alternatives can be found in the US.


May 3, 2020