Major cities most affected by natural disasters

Major cities most affected by natural disasters

1. Tehran, Iran

15 million people at risk of earthquakes

Natural disasters are known as a natural event such which usually results in a great loss of life as well as damage, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and even forrest fires. The causes are nature, such as movement in the earth’s plates for earthquakes, for the ocean and wind causing a hurricane or tsunami, however, the cities affected are simply helpless to fight these natural disasters. The location of a city will mean that it will often suffer from these natural disasters due to where it is on the map, i.e. countries on the equator are more likely to experience severe and extreme climates such as the heat, along with tropical thunder storms, all the way to events such as dramatic forrest fires that can cause devastation to a city. The more developed countries are trying to help prepare for natural disaster events, however, a majority of the time, the outcome is in the hands of those above, in terms of the scale of damage. Here is a list of major cities worldwide, along with the most common natural disaster they suffer from.


November 11, 2018