London to get world’s first 360 infinity roof pool

London to get world's first 360 infinity roof pool

1. London’s world first 360 infinity roof pool

A world first revolutionary pool is coming to London next year, that will allow you to embrace a 360 view of the whole of London. The world first 360 infinity roof pool will be located at the top of a 55-story building. It’ll be located at the top of a brand new five-star hotel called the Infinity London, accord to designers Compass Pools, who are designing the pool. According to reports, the pool, which will consist of 174 gallons of water will also have an incredible see-through bottom floor, which will allow the hotel guests and visitors to look above and see people swimming. The pool was designed in mind to be the ultimate and most unique sky pool in the world. There are very few sky pools worldwide that can match the same rare design that the Infinity London pool will have. Pools such as the Marina Bay Sands hotel infinity pool in Singapore, as well as roof infinity pools in Dubai are only a few that can match this. Alex Kemsley, Compass Pool’s technical director and swimming pool designer said this about London’s new pool – “When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water”, hence why guests will have a spectacular 360 view of London.


August 11, 2019