Interesting items that Persians invented

Interesting items that Persians invented

1. Alcohol

The Persian Empire was once considered the most advanced and powerful empires in the world. Cyrus the Great founded the Persian Empire in 550 BC and thrived until the dynasty was halted by the Islamic conquest of 651 AD. However, during this period in time, the Persians established themselves as masters and experts of invention as well as medicine. The Persians were so influential, that to this day, a majority of the items invented during the time of Persian dynasties are still in use. Here is a look at 7 interesting items the Persians invented.

Discovered in 854 CE – 925 CE) by Persian physician and alchemist Muhammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi, alcohol was invented during the development of several chemical instruments and methods of distillation. The Persian was born in Rayy, Iran, which is a small city near Tehran and the Caspian Sea.


June 8, 2017