Incredible facts about US Airways Flight 1549


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1. Lost power in both engines minutes after take off

US Airways Flight 1549 is one of the most famous flights of recent aviation history. It was supposed to be a routine 2 hour flight from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, however minutes after taking off over New York City, both of the jet’s engines were struck by a flock of geese. Both engines lost power and the Airbus A320 was out of control over one of the world’s most populous cities. Captain Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles managed to somehow glide the plane into a safe and well calculated water landing in the Hudson River, right in the heart of Manhattan. All of the 155 people onboard were rescued and to this day is known as the “Miracle on the Hudson”. The Pilots and flight attendants were awarded medals and have since been referred to as heroes. Here are 8 fascinating and incredible facts about US Airways Flight 1549.


October 1, 2018