Healthier snacks to eat at home during lockdown

Healthier snacks to eat at home during lockdown

1. Greek yogurt and mixed berries

Source of calcium, potassium and protein

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us have found ourselves constantly at home with not a lot to do. For a majority, this has led to worse eating habits, such as snacking a lot more frequently and in particular, snacking on non-healthy items such as sugary and fatty foods. It’s human nature to often see an upward trend of appetite when your normal daily routine of being busy gets less occupied with productive tasks. So instead of deciding to force yourself not to eat, you can replace those fatty and sugary foods with some very healthy alternatives, that can just as easily satisfy your needs. For example, a handful of nuts, instead of potato chips, or high quality dark chocolate, instead of a branded chocolate bar. The list can go on, as these days, supermarkets and groceries are stocking more and more healthier snacks than ever before. Here’s our choice of healthy snacks you could be eating at home, to replace the sugary options most people currently have.


May 3, 2020