Fine-dining etiquette rules you probably didn’t know

Fine-dining etiquette rules you probably didn't know

1. Never lift your menu off the table.

Dining etiquette standards at normal restaurants are quite loose and down to whatever feels comfortable for those dining. However, formal and fine-dining etiquette rules are something which must be taken rather seriously and respected in certain restaurants and places to eat. There are a number of golden rules that customers must follow, such as how to behave and what to do during a fine-dining experience. Fine-dining is something that is still honoured worldwide and while it only applies to a small percentage of restaurants, if you ever do find yourself at a fancy fine-dining restaurant, be sure to follow our rules. These rules vary from how to drink from a glass, to the placement of your hands, how you handle the menu and even includes things to say when you need to go to the restroom. Here are the 10 most important fine-dining etiquette rules that you probably didn’t know of and rules that you should follow if you find yourself fine-dining.


August 11, 2019