Cheapest US States to move to and save costs

Cheapest US States to move to and save costs

10. Indiana – 41 out of 50 points

Average home price: $279,097, Monthly energy bill: $150.52

Everybody is always looking for ways to reduce costs and find cheaper places to buy everyday items from. But for many of us, depending on location, there’s only so much money to be saved. For example, every US State will range dramatically between prices of rent, normal monthly household bills, even the average amount spent on common grocery items. So if you’re really keen on cutting costs and saving money, then looking at this list of cheapest State to live in might force you to relocate. In order to help you determine the best cheap state for you, the list has been based on cost of living, the price of housing, food and other goods along with average monthly bill prices. As well as, and most importantly a cost of living score out of 50, which factors in affordability and the quality of life within the State.


October 21, 2018