“Billionaire’s Row” and it’s abandoned mansions

London's "Billionaire's Row" and it's abandoned mansions

1. Over $400 million of abandoned homes on Bishop’s Avenue

“Billionaire’s Row”, also known as The Bishops Avenue is a road that leads from Hampstead to East Finchley in North London. The road is, quite simply put, one of the most fascinating residential streets in the world. The average house price is around £20 million, however, a large percentage of houses along this particularly long road are left abandoned. The history behind this rather interesting avenue is quite extraordinary. A majority of the mansions sold on The Bishops Avenue were during the 80s where they were roughly priced around £1 million. Many of these buyers were actually royalty, for example a row of ten mansions worth at least £73 million were reportedly purchased on behalf of the Saudi royal family between 1989 and 1993. A majority of these properties have never actually been used, and since there purchase over 30 years ago have been left to rot and allow nature to take over.


April 24, 2020