Best sedans on the market for 2021

Best sedans on the market for 2021

1. 2021 Kia Rio (Compact sedan)

Price range – $17,015 – $17,685

Traditional 4-door sedans aren’t dead yet. Despite sales greatly improving for bigger cars, such as crossover SUVS, sedans firmly remain big sellers and more often than not will drive better than any similarly sized crossover or SUV while delivering better efficiency. We’ll be looking at various ranges, from compact and more affordable sedans, through to the mid-range and luxury sedans, which can still be somewhat affordable. Models such as the Tesla Model 3 EV, Mercedes-Benz C and E-Class, as well as some models from Audi. All of these cars are loaded with high-tech equipment as standard, and still deliver on performance, practicality and looks. So with that information in hand, here are our best picks for 10 of the best sedans on the market for 2021, along with their starting price.


August 6, 2021