Best compact and stylish cars under $30k for 2019

Best compact, stylish and affordable cars for 2019

1. Mercedes A-Class, Starts from – $26,880

Finding the right car can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for something affordable and compact, yet stylish. Compact cars have been around for a number of decades now, and more recently have they been upgraded to include high tech equipment that can match bigger and more expensive cars in terms of performance and features. As they are smaller, this usually means they have a smaller engine, which can often mean the price is cheaper than an equivalent 4-door version. But just because the price is more affordable, it doesn’t mean you’re getting any less of a car. Brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and Ford have focused on the compact car market for over 40 years, as that particular sector accounts for a huge portion of car sales. Buyers of compact cars can range from people who are on their own, to people with small families, or those that live in a busy city and for practicality reasons, they’d need a smaller and more efficient car. Here’s our list of new compact and stylish cars for 2019.


August 15, 2019