Beautiful electric cars that are not a Tesla

Beautiful electric cars that are not a Tesla

1. Audi E-tron GT

Battery range up to 283 miles / Price from £82,000

It’s a wonderful time to be a consumer for an electric car. Given how many government schemes and dealerships are encouraging the sales of electric cars, the supply and demand is increasing on both sides. The old stigma of electric cars being unreliable, somewhat awkward to look at, and not practical are long gone. In fact, many popular car manufacturers are now prioritising the design and development of their electric car fleet. What this means in return for consumers is that options are increasing dramatically. There are hundreds of beautiful electric cars now on the market that are not a Tesla. This is something that 5-6 years ago wouldn’t have been true. That being said, here’s out top 10 pick of beautiful electric cars for you to choose from.


March 21, 2022