$1350 for a kebab in London’s financial district

$1350 for a kebab in London's financial district

1. Head chef Onder Sahan with expensive Kebab

The Hazev restaurant in London’s financial district area of Canary Wharf will cost you an outstanding $1350 for a Kebab dish. A popular European kebab dish often costs around $7 or more and is usually associated with food you’d enjoy after a night out. Hazev’s kebab dish is probably one you should avoid if you’re after a cheap and cheerful meal. Dubbed as the ‘Royal Kebab’, Head chef Onder Sahan said he wanted to create something unusual and of the very best quality. He goes on to mention – “Yes, I think we do something nice and expensive. We used high quality meat and vegetables and olive oil and nice 25-year-old vinegar.”. The vinegar itself costs a few hundred dollars to purchase per bottle. The Hazev kebab is easily recognised as the world’s most expensive and uses the finest of ingredients. The chef does not agree with the current image of the kebab being the ‘late night snack’ that many drunken people in Europe currently treat it as. The chef mentions – “We try to change the kebab image, and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it,”. Here are more images of the kebab, along with the rest of the restaurant and the chef.


November 22, 2018