10 best US cities for singles

10 best US cities for singles

10. Chicago, Illinois

60% Unmarried

Within this article we take a look at 10 of the best U.S. cities to live for singles. Factors which we take into consideration when producing the list is percentage of unmarried, along with average ages, nightlife attractions and number of bars and restaurants, quality of living, demographic and gender ratios as well as earning averages. These cities are also popular destinations for many, and aren’t seen as remote parts of the country. For single people, being in an area in which the number of unmarried people would for obvious reasons be beneficial for themselves, as well as the economy, as more people would be going out and spending money on food, drinks, new clothes and entertainment. As a result of this, people will tend to become more happy, which also results in higher work productivity. Therefore, finding the right place to live as a single person is essential to leading a better life.


December 26, 2018