Incredible behind the scenes of Hollywood’s greatest movies

Incredible behind the scenes of Hollywood's greatest movies

1. Jurassic Park (1993)

When watching blockbuster movies, it’s very easy to forget about reality and what’s real or not. For example, classics such as Jurassic Park will make you believe for just a small moment in time that the dinosaurs are real, and the troubles of the cast are genuine. Making movies with props are all sorts of various equipment and effects are the tasks left to some of the world’s most specialised professionals. These types of pictures are known as ‘behind the scenes’ as they portray the parts of the films that weren’t aired to cinemas. The parts where hundreds of specialists spent hundreds of hours putting together props of all shapes and sizes to be captured by the camera to captivate an audience into believing it’s something more than what it is. These pictures demonstrate that the glamour we as an audience see isn’t always the same thing behind the scenes. They show the hard work put into movies by hundreds of men and women in order to get the perfect scene, with the perfect shots. Here are some of the incredible behind the scenes from some of Hollywood’s greatest movies.


August 25, 2019