5 of the best anti Coronavirus face masks

With Coronavirus continuing to spread across the globe, acting now to wear the appropriate equipment and take the best hygiene measures have never been more crucial. Face masks are generally a good idea, as they help reduce the amount of contaminated air we breathe in. Various cities will suffer from more polluted air than others, hence why in cities such as Beijing in China, a majority of commuters will wear face masks as a precaution, due to the air pollution.

Given how common flus, germs and virus’ can spread through the air, and contact with parts of our face, having a face mask on can limit the chances of those germs entering our system. This is result can reduce the amount of spread between people.

If you are interested in purchasing a face mask, here are our favourite 5 face masks you can buy straight from Amazon.

Respirator NASUM Dust Mask

LuTuo Anti Pollution Sports Mask

Respro City Mask

Fengyuan Summer Dust Mask

WESTGIRL Dust Mask with N99 Filters

March 15, 2020